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Mariah Meadows  2014 Family Fun Show Series 

May 17th, June 15th, July 5th, Aug 2nd, Sept 13th, Sept 27th  (attend 5/6 for awards)
Year end awards get together (to be scheduled)
Signups -9am, Start -10am Sharp, 2013-2014 Neg Coggins required
Entry fee - $15 Ride all day
High point and reserve trophies for each division
Leadline must be lead Junior walk-jog (17 & under)
Senior walk-jog (18 & up) Youth (12 and under)
Junior (13 to 17) Over 40 Senior (18 and up)
16 & under must wear helmets    Ages as of January 1st of calendar year     

We wanted to add a little more fun to this years show series

  So we have added some themes to each show date. 

May 17th
     Mardi Gras
   June 15th Horse of a Different Color
July 5th
Xmas in July
Aug 2nd
Sept 13th
Patriotic/ Red, White, and Blue
Sept 27th
Tye Dye

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Key Hole Pattern

Class 1                                                Class 2

Keyhole Leadline                             Polebending - Leadline

Keyhole Junior W/J                            Polebending Junior W/J

Keyhole Senior W/J                            Polebending Senior W/J

Keyhole Youth                                  Polebending - Youth

Keyhole Junior                                    Polebending - Junior

Keyhole Senior                                   Polebending - Senior

Keyhole Over 40                                Polebending Over 40

                    Speed  Barrels Pattern

                     Class 3                                                  Class 4

Speed  Barrels Leadline                     Mystery Class - Leadline

Speed  Barrels Junior W/J                  Mystery Class Junior W/J

Speed  Barrels Senior W/J                  Mystery Class Senior W/J

Speed  Barrels Youth                          Mystery Class - Youth

Speed  Barrels Junior                          Mystery Class - Junior

Speed  Barrels Senior                         Mystery Class - Senior

Speed  Barrels Over 40                       Mystery Class Over 40

Mystery Classes:    Gymkhana Patterns

May 17th
Peppermint Twist
    June 15th           Quads
July 5th
Aug 2nd
Sept 13th
     Can Race
Sept 27th


                   Cloverleaf Barrels Pattern

Cloverleaf Barrels Leadline

Cloverleaf Barrels Junior W/J 

Cloverleaf Barrels Senior W/J

Cloverleaf Barrels Youth 

Cloverleaf Barrels Junior

Cloverleaf Barrels Senior

Cloverleaf Barrels Over 40

Open Cloverleaf - $5 entry 50-30-20 pay back

Open Dash for Cash - $2 winner take all

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Mariah Meadows                    Betty Erdmann

5424 Ridge Road West, Spencerport, NY 14559